In 2015, Pixar released a brilliant movie called Inside Out. The movie’s main characters are Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and, Sadness, the emotions of an 11 year old girl named Riley. It was my favourite movie of that year, not just because of it had an amazing cast and beautiful aesthetics. The real reason I loved it was because it had emotiions  front and centre. It told the audience that to be whole, we had to embrace all our emotions, not just the good ones.

So in that vein, I am starting this new series of posts that will specifically embrace my feelings and try to express them as best as I can. I am hoping this will help me be more cognizant of myself and how people around me affect me.

I am also hoping that it will help others dealing with these feelings, remind you that you are not alone. I am following “Always darkest before the dawn” and will be starting with anxiety and depression, then love and inspiration for my first phase.










Feature Picture by Ibe Ananaba