What are you doing? Why on earth did you stay in bed for so long? You have work and responsibilities. You were up at 5.30 and now it’s almost 9 am. You are just lying there fantasising about things to come and in the process wasted almost 4 hours of your life that you are never going to get back.

Who do you think you are that the world should stop and wait for you to be ready?


There is no right time, no “I will know when it’s right.” There is only now! You cannot focus on yesterday or tomorrow, just now. So, make the most of it!

Who told you that you can just get what you want, easy peezy? You think that because you’re in your late 20s, a certain type of life would just be given to you. Ha!

You’ve seen time


Riddle me this, how many responsible went to jail?


And time


It’s not a compliment


And time

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Appears With Vice Presidential Pick Sen. Tim Kaine
Most qualified candidate lost to Old white man with none

And time again that the system is rigged


Underdeveloped or simply previously colonised?


Yet here you are still thinking things will work out, that you will just get what you want because why? You’re honest and hardworking.


Wake up!


Don’t be a child and think that the fork in the road is either between happiness or sunshine. You will find that you may have to choose the lesser of two evils, bloody make a choice and then brace yourself for the consequences. Don’t abstain! Don’t whine and say you don’t like the options so I won’t act. Fucking grow up! Do you think early man survived because he got what he wanted? Do you think greatness sits it out because it’s too hard?


No boo!

Weigh your options and then make your decision based on which one is better for you. So, if you must choose between crazy and stupid, pick. Between loneliness and discontent, make a choice. Would you rather cholera or the plague, pick your poison and move on! Who on earth gets ideal conditions, anyway. There will always be something wrong. Something is always going to be off. How does the song go again?



Baby girl, don’t think the world is going to be hunky dory with you either. You will never be what is expected, and in some cases needed. You may be too African, too skinny, too pretty, too smart, not smart enough, not black enough, dream too big and so on and so on. No matter. You will go out there and give it your everything. I know that everything is telling you that you may fail, but what if, you succeed?

Life will never be what you want, you need to come to terms with that. You should make the decision that ultimately works for you. You will have to do it every day and sometimes you will have to backpedal and that is very normal.


You need to understand that out of the setbacks, there are lessons, out of the hardships there are opportunities and out of mistakes, there is a better you.

Go out there and take what you say is yours. You’re smart, go and find the loophole that works in your favour. Be vicious and relentless and don’t come back until you get what you want. WE all know the saying “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”

Well, player, you know the game. Make it work for you. You are intelligent and cunning. There is a way that game plays in your favour, so don’t just sit here thinking that it will magically happen.

The most important thing you need to know, from here on out, you are the only one to blame for your life. If your life is boring, it’s because of you. Your life sucks, you know why, You! If your life is incredible, guess what, it’s ‘cause of you. You’re in charge! So if you want average, put in an average effort. But if you want to be extra, you have to put in extra.


Now get up and take life by the balls and squeeze ’em till it cries for its mummy.