Towards the end of last year, I had decided to start dating again. It had been 10 months since my long term relationship with TheCameroonian and I was ready to jump into the pool again. This time I decided to try online dating. I downloaded the Tinder app, set up my profile (which was scary because for the first time in my life a 30year old was a suitable age mate for me), and begun swiping.

dude you're old

I started on the site in late November and within 2 weeks I had matched with a little over 10 people. But TheSwiss was the first (and only) person I met in person. He was younger than me but very cute. In his profile pic he was clean shaven and really looked young but one of his other pics showed how he looked more mature with a beard. So I decided to act!

In his bio, he said something along the lines of “let’s not chat and instead meet up in person and go out for coffee,” so I asked him out to a movie at the Waterfront. It was kinda nerve wrecking meeting a complete stranger, but I made sure I got his full name and cell phone number and passed it on to my girlfriend and my flatmate. Before our date, I got him a large lollipop, my version of chocolates and flowers (because it was my date and I felt like it). I also got all snacks.

hell to the no
because shawty don’t do cinema prices for popcorn *

We were going to see The Walk at 8 pm and I got there by 7.30pm. As the time went by, I got super anxious that TheSwiss was going to stand me up but he made it just in the nick of time. He had literally come straight from work, he told me. He was cuter than I thought, standing a foot taller than me with dirty blond hair and eyes that were either blue or green.

We went on the half price day, but the movie was only showing in NuMetro’s Scene, so we didn’t just pay full price, I paid extra because it was the luxury seating (I offered to pay for the both of us since it was my date but he insisted on splitting it). To be honest, it worked out in my favour. The theatre was really nice and we were seated in super comfy recliners. Once the trailers were well on their way, I pulled out our snacks; a couple bags of crisps and gummy sweets.

The movie was a good choice for the most part. I was present the whole time, but he dosed off a couple times, mainly because he was tired from work. Though, he was attentive at the climax of the film when we finally see Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character do his spectacular walk across the Twin Towers. By the time the movie was done, most of the stores were closed and the mall was almost empty. We decided to go up to the balcony to chat about the movie and get to know each other better. Again things turned out better than I could have planned. It was a nice summer’s night with no wind and we had positioned ourselves to face the V&A Ferris wheel that stood in the foreground of the Cape Town landscape, both of which were shining with lights to shine through the night.

We chatted for hours, most of the time I was just trying to figure out what colour his eyes were or I would catch myself staring at his lips and had to tell myself to focus on what he was saying. I liked how open minded he was and that he read books and was in a band with friends from high school. I really wanted to kiss him but I didn’t know how to go about it. I was also trying to read his mind through the face he was making. It was a look of keen interest and something I could only describe as lust. It was like he wasn’t quite undressing me with his eyes, but whatever he was thinking was definitely not suitable for younger viewers.

Swiss like chocolate.gif

Once I told him my full name, he said how much he liked it and was disappointed that he had a regular white name. We spoke about what inspired him to study architecture and why he chose to come to SA to build houses in the townships. Time was flying by and the fast food workers were now making their way home. As they walked past us, seated on one of the staircases, he just kissed me. I was totally not expecting it and pulled away quickly. He then asked me if it was okay and right after I told him to go ahead he kissed me again. I’m pretty sure I was glowing afterward and was barely able to respond when he mentioned how soft my lips were. Did I even respond?

Right after, we made our way to the mall’s exit to where he parked his motorcycle. This was yet another cool thing because I had never ridden a motorcycle before and in fact, it was on my bucket list of things to do before I turned 30. I was super glad that I had my hair out in a twist out, cause the helmet didn’t mess up my style.

#BlackNaturalHairProblems *

Once we got to his bike, he gave me a look then kissed me once more, right there in front of everyone! I come from a super conservative country where PDA is not normal but it was very exhilarating! I was living in the moment, completely engaged in our kiss that I didn’t even worry what other people would think to see this interracial public display of affection.

We eventually stopped kissing and got on his bike. For a hot second, I was anxious. I’m with someone I don’t know, travelling at night. It could all end horribly wrong. But as quickly as it came, the thought went away. My gut was telling me I would be fine, that TheSwiss is a good guy, so just enjoy the ride home. More than that I was worried I wouldn’t know the way back home. I had only gone travel by bus and taxi but we got to my apartment safe.

Once I was at my front door, we had our goodnight before he left for his place. He messaged me when he arrived, telling me how much fun he had. After it was all said and done, I did the girliest thing and called my sister to tell her all about it. The very next morning we whatsapped each other and sent each other a picture of the mountain from our bedroom windows.

It was such an awesome first date. I smile every time I think about it.

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*Pictures from Google Search