My university hosts quite a number of career fairs throughout the year, especially between July and August, and last year I went to the Science and Technology event early one morning. I checked out all the companies I was interested in and skipped a lot of software development companies.

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As I was finishing up my tour around the hall, I met some of my friends and instead of leaving I decided to join them and hang out. Now most of the crew were into software development and programming, so went to all the stalls I had initially skipped. And I’m glad we did. We stopped at this Jozi based company’s stall with this fly ass speaker.


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The main presenter was hot! He was tall with green eyes and brown hair. Somehow majority of my friends had moved ahead, leaving me and my friend, PrettyBoy, with the speaker, GreenEyesGreenEyes was concluding his speech by saying how much he liked working there and how we should apply.

“If the guys look like you then I will,” I replied.

GreenEyes got a little flustered, PrettyBoy kinda froze and I couldn’t believe what had come out of my mouth, but I owned it. We then left his stall to check out the other companies at the fair and went our separate ways at the end of it.

The rest of the day, I was just thinking how I couldn’t believe what I had done. Then a thought popped in my head

“You should have asked him out”

“Why don’t you? GreenEyes will be there until 3pm”

So I debated with myself over it and after lunch I found myself in the hall, looking for a very different kind of opportunity.


I walked round the fair and just as I was about to leave I spotted him. I asked him to the side then made my move.

“I was wondering if you would like to go to the movies with me next week, Antman is showing.”

Unfortunately, he would be back in Johannesburg, and while he was flattered he told me he had a girlfriend. So that’s how the adventure ended, but I was still very chaffed with myself. I had successfully gone after what I wanted. I was like,

Boo, that’s the first time you have asked a guy out. I’m so proud of us!”

himym wait for it
No. It wasn’t. *


I thought back through my past and actually it’s kind of my thing.

In high school, I asked a classmate, Guy, out to prom but he said no and, though a little disappointed, I simply went and asked another guy who said yes and voila! I had a date for prom. Oh and Guy ultimately didn’t have a date for the night. #JustSaying

In A level, I had a crush on this cute Zambian, Kal-El. At the time he had a girlfriend so we were just friends but when they had broken up I told him I liked him. But nothing ever happened because we ended up in different cities for varsity, and then we were both in relationships with other people so we were (and still are) just friends.

My very first relationship, I went out with TheCameroonian. I had transferred into the second year and quickly made friends; QuietOne who was friends with Numbah1, and TheCameroonian and Numbah1 were homies. So for the first few months we all hang out as a group.

After the first term, math kicked my butt and TheCameroonian was really good at it so I used my opportunity and asked him to help me and so we got to hang out more. That morphed and after long lab sessions or evening tests we would walk down to our dorms together, until finally, I asked if he wanted to go to the movies with me. He said yes and then became my movie buddy.

We had a nice flirtation going for about 6 months until one Saturday we went to a party with a group of friends. At the end of the night, he escorted me to my dorm. At the door he gave me a peck on the lips and wished me a goodnight. The following Monday after class, I asked him if we were boyfriend and girlfriend. And after he said yes, I marked that date as our anniversary.

So GreenEyes wasn’t the first guy I had asked out, he wasn’t even the second or third. He was the first white guy I had ever asked out, so there’s that.


Words to live by *

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