Diary of an Overthinking Black Woman

my head hurts

Fight Club

Why did you do that? You compromised yourself, and for what?   It’s fine. It's not a big deal. Look… I’m perfectly fine and it's all good.   Is It? It doesn’t look that way. Tell me then why haven’t you... Continue Reading →


Who am I?

  Who are you? What is your purpose? Oh yes, I remember.   It is so grand but I am so small. Are you sure about this? Are you the right person to do this?   Why are you so... Continue Reading →

The Haunting

I dreamt of you last night. It was so perfect. We were happy, in our pyjamas giggling as we fake wrestled each other. That has never happened before so I know it wasn't a memory. I couldn’t recognise where we... Continue Reading →

Grow Up!

What are you doing? Why on earth did you stay in bed for so long? You have work and responsibilities. You were up at 5.30 and now it’s almost 9 am. You are just lying there fantasising about things to... Continue Reading →

I want a connection 

I want someone to warm my life not just my bed. I do not want to dance about being cool and down to fuck. I want someone who will take me with all my cracks and edges. I can't do... Continue Reading →

You know there are options, right?

WARNING: This article has graphic imagery that may be upsetting to sensitive people. Being pregnant doesn’t appeal to me AT ALL! It seems like the worst chore imaginable. It’s like having 9 months’ worth of PMS: sore boobs, swollen feet,... Continue Reading →

Baby or No Baby, that is the question?

Around the time I was 7 years old, I was super keen on extra-curricular activities. I wanted to do karate because it was so cool, I wanted to play an instrument, either the piano or violin,so that one day when... Continue Reading →

Do the Right Thing….Ts & Cs apply

When I was younger, I really thought adults had it together, especially when we went to church. The grown-ups made it seem like all you needed to do was go to church and follow the rules and you would be... Continue Reading →

Seriously, what Can’t I do?

It was the end of 2015, my lease was up, I had no sources of income, the previous month’s pay hadn’t come through, and I was well into being an Occupation Recruitment Agent. There was yet another job application I... Continue Reading →

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